How do additional accounts work in Leather?

How do additional accounts work in the Hiro wallet?

Additional accounts in Leather are basically different public keys you can access with the same private key. They provide a way to keep public records separated between accounts.

Switching between accounts

You can switch between accounts by clicking on the account icon in front of the account name:

Adding an account

On the lower left corner you will find a button to add an account on the page to switch accounts.

Note: when using a ledger for the web extension, five accounts are made when initializing the wallet. Currently ledger does not support adding additional accounts beyond that. If you need more accounts use a software wallet instead.

Creating an account: reveals them

"Create an account" perhaps is not the best name of this function. Because if for some reason the wallet would not show the accounts the next time you restore the wallet. You can click "Create an account" again to reveal the addresses in the same order again. When you use the same Secret Key you will always see the same public addresses (Stacks, Bitcoin and Ordinals) on Account 1, on Account 2, etc.

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