How do I inscribe an ordinal via using the Leather extension?

How do I inscribe an ordinal via using the Leather extension?
Follow these steps:
  1. 2.
    Choose one of two available types: image or text.
Pick the inscription type
  1. 3.
    Upload the image or input the text.
Upload an image
  1. 4.
    Set your transaction fee, a higher fee can be used to get your transaction processed before others.
Set the fee for slow, medium or fast processing
  1. 5.
    Now go to the Leather extension and click “add new ordinal inscription”:
Add new
  1. 6.
    Then copy the Ordinal address (Taproot address starting with bc1p...) and note the warning:
Copy the address, and take note of the warning!
  1. 7.
    Go back to the gamma page to paste your taproot address, a refund address and the optional email address.
On add your receiving address for the ordinal inscription
  1. 8.
    Review the order details and continue.
Review and confirm
  1. 9.
    Complete your transaction by using these details for the BTC payment.
Broadcast your bitcoin transaction to fund creating the inscription.
  1. 10.
    For example via Leather, by clicking send, then BTC, add the amount and address as listed on
Send payment
  1. 11.
    Then click continue on the "complete transaction page" after the BTC transaction has been broadcast.