Send BTC to a .btc BNS name

How can I send BTC to a .btc name (BNS name on Stacks) with the Wallet extension?

Visit to configure the BTC receipt address of your choice for each BNS name you own:

  1. Click the pen to add a Bitcoin address:

  2. Paste in the Bitcoin address you would like to use:

  3. Click "Add"

  4. Click save changes

  5. Sign the transaction to update the zonefile, after the transaction is confirmed allow a moment and then anyone using Leather (or another compatible wallet) can send to your .btc name on Stacks. See the examples below.

B. Via advanced settings

If the user friendly method above fails or if you are using another service to update your zonefile, you can also use the details below to add your own text record, to achieve the same result.

  1. Select "Advanced" -> "TXT" type -> "Add record" ->✏️

  2. Enter "_btc._addr" in "Name" & desired BTC address in "txt"

  3. Select "Save changes" & confirm transaction.

Adding record in Advanced account options on

Note 1: When you send to an address that has set their BTC address like this the wallet will convert it for you:

Send to names that have added a bitcoin address record to their profile

Note 2: If the owner of the BNS name did not set a BTC address like this. An error will be displayed:

Error for unconfigured .btc names

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