Fast & Easy BRC-20 Inscription Guide with Leather

This guide shows you the fastest and cheapest way to send BRC-20 tokens using the Leather extension.

Important Note Regarding BRC-20 👇🏻

  • It's not the same as ERC-20.

  • There are two states for BRC-20 Tokens: Balance and Transferable.

  • You cannot SEND your tokens directly from your Balance.

  • You need to Inscribe a Transfer, and you must Specify the Amount.

  • The Inscription must be Valid.

Here’s how to Make a Transfer Inscription

  • First, on your Leather extension, click 'Send'.

  • Then, click on the BRC-20 tokens that you wish to send.

  • Enter the Amount you wish to send.

  • Select the Fee Options that you wish to pay. There's no need to input a custom fee as we have calculated the most optimum amount that saves you the most money.

  • Review the inscription and payment transaction fee. If everything looks good, click 'Create Transfer Inscription'.

  • Once you click that, you will see 'Creating Transfer Inscription' with a clickable link that says 'Pending BRC-20 Transfers'.

  • Then, just wait until the transaction is completed on the blockchain. You can see the pending BRC-20 transaction in the Leather Balance Page, located right below your wallet balance (just scroll down).

  • Once it is completed, the orange dot (not clickable) will become green, which is clickable.

  • Just click on it, and you will see the Inscription Number with the option to paste your recipient's address.

Note: Visual guidance is available below.

👇 For ALEX BRC-20 Orderbook, Follow this 👇

  • Once you have the Inscription Number (Transfer) with ‘Ready to Transfer’ state.

  • Head into the ALEX BRC-20 Orderbook.

  • Click on 'Deposit'.

  • Click 'Peg-in BRC-20 from BTC Chain', then click 'Submit "transfer inscription ID" request'.

  • In the 'Submit Inscription ID' field, ensure you select the precise amount of token and enter the exact quantity of your Transfer Inscription (in our example, this is 5,000 SATS with the Inscription Number of 10856940).

  • Then, click 'Submit Transfer Inscription ID' and wait for the transaction to complete.

  • Once the transaction is complete, you should be able to view your Recent History within Step 3 of the ALEX UI titled 'Send your BRC-20 to Peg-in address'.

  • If the Status displays 'Request Received', copy the 'Peg-in address' and proceed to your Leather. If the status reads 'Rejected', you will not be provided with the 'Peg-in address'.

  • Click on the 5,000 SATS with Green Dot and send the Ordinal Inscription (in this case, 10856940) to that address. Occasionally, you may encounter errors such as "Unable to establish if UTXO has multiple inscriptions". If this happens, simply wait for a short while before proceeding.

  • Wait until the transaction is fully completed and confirmed. Once this is accomplished, you should have 5,000 SATS available in your BRC-20 Orderbook.

How to Verify your Inscription (Valid or Invalid)

  • To do so, visit Ordiscan here:

  • Paste your Taproot Address, and you should see your Inscriptions within your Taproot Address.

  • Make sure your Inscription has a Green Dot instead of Red.

  • If it's RED, click on it to find out why.

  • If it's GREEN, it should display as Verified.

  • Only share the Inscription Number of Valid Inscriptions, not the Invalid ones.

Visuals for Reference 👇

Always remember, there are always two states:

  1. Balance

  2. Transferable


  1. Valid

  2. Invalid

The Balance appears in your Hiro wallet like any other token balance, but you cannot directly send them. On the other hand, Transferable acts like a 'Promissory Note', indicating that you're planning to send those tokens.

Remember, whenever you're inscribing your BRC-20, you MUST inscribe into your address, not your recipient's.

You would then send that 'Promissory Note', which acts like an Ordinal transaction or Transfer inscription, to your recipient.

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