Getting an address Private Key

How can I get the Private Key for a specific address in Leather rather than the Mnemonic Seed Phrase that gives access to all accounts?

A stepwise approach using the Electrum wallet from This will require the Mnemonic seed phrase from your Leather so you can access it in Electrum and extract the private key for a specific address.

  1. Download and install the Electrum wallet

  2. Choose the Leather address and account you want to set up in Electrum. In this example we use Account 3, and want to access the native segwit BTC address.

    1. For native segwit address (starting with bc1q...) the following path is used: m/84'/0'/<account>'/0/0

    2. For taproot addresses (ordinal inscription address) the following path is used: m/86'/0'/<account>'/0/0 legacy regenerated addresses from before March 20th would be on the last index. (Taproot m/86' or bc1p... is not yet supported by Electrum).

  3. In this example, Account 3 the BTC balance address (native segwit, starting with bc1q...) means we want to get access to m/84'/0'/2'

  4. Click File in Electrum

  5. New/Restore wallet

  6. Name your wallet

  7. Standard wallet

  8. I already have a seed

  9. Enter your Seed Phrase (typically 24 words)

  10. Click Options and select BIP39

  11. Set address type

  12. Set the derivation path for the account you want to access (account 3 in Leather means /2h, account 5 would be /4h at the end).

  13. Click View in the top bar on Electrum after the wallet is initialized.

  14. Click the addresses tab, the first address will be the native segwit address displayed in the Leather wallet for Account 3.

    The first address is the one used by Leather in Account 3 The addresses below are currently not used by the wallet. If you want access to account 14, go through these steps again and adjust the derivation path in stap 12 to /13h (or /13') at the end.
  1. Right click the top address and click "private key"

    Accessing the private key for the address via Electrum wallet
  2. Enter password

  3. Copy the p2wpkh key to use elsewhere.

  4. Repeat steps from 4. to get the private keys for other accounts in Leather.

Example: the first address from Account 14 in Leather

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