Migration of wallets

How do I change the Secret Key of my wallet?

Changing an existing Secret Key (the Seed words) that give you access to a wallet is not possible. The same Secret Key will always access the same address(es) and funds. If you think the Secret Key is compromised (someone other than you knows it) then it is an option to create a new Secret Key and wallet and move existing funds to the new wallet instead. Another reason users may want to Migrate the wallet is for additional privacy to start using a different public address.

Step A: Setting up a new wallet

  1. Pick one: (A) Sign out/Reset the wallet you are currently using or (B) install another instance of Leather on your computer. The latter has the advantage that you can have both wallets open/available at the same time. For example if you are using the Desktop wallet, install the Wallet extension on one of your browsers. Or if you are using the Wallet Extension on Chrome, install another Wallet Extension on Brave.

Step B: Sending assets to the new address

  1. Go to the collectables area in the wallet by scrolling down. Hover over the collectables to send them. - Ordinals, just like BRC-20 tokens can be sent to the new Ordinals address. - While Stacks NFT's should be send to the Stacks address. - Transferring Stamps is not yet supported by the wallet but when it is added you can send those to the Bitcoin balance/Stamp address of the new address.

  2. On the old wallet click Send, one by one send your tokens to the new wallet. - Send STX and other SIP010 tokens to the new Stacks address - Send BRC-20 to your new Ordinals address - Send remaining BTC balance to the new Bitcoin balance address. If you have other ordinals to send, make sure to leave some to cover the transaction fees.

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