Wallet version for Stacks 2.0+

What versions of Leather (and predecessors: Stacks Wallet and the Hiro Wallet) can be used for transacting with STX?

What versions of Leather can be used for transacting with STX?

Following the launch of Stacks 2.0 on Jan. 14th 2021, users had to use the new version of the Hiro Wallet to transact with Stacks. The Hiro Wallet (Stacks Wallet) v3 and older, from that moment, could no longer be used for sending or receiving STX tokens and is effectively “read only.” On August 31st 2023 the Hiro wallet was rebranded to Leather. Users using the extension will have downloaded the rebranded wallet automatically.

In order to access and transact with your STX, login to the latest Leather extensions or desktop wallet. Get access again by selecting “I already have a wallet”, and entering your secret key associated with your Bitcoin and/or Stacks holdings. Your secret key is either a secret phrase (12-24 words) or a hardware device such as Ledger.

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