Sending BRC-20 tokens

How can I use Leather to mint a transfer inscription and then send BRC-20 tokens by sending that transfer inscription?


Please be aware, transferring BRC-20 differs from ERC-20 or SIP-10 tokens.

To complete a BRC-20 transfer, You must first mint/inscribe an inscription, generating a unique inscription ID.

Please note that reusing old BRC-20 inscriptions does not work.

Part 1. Create the inscription using "send"

a. Click the Send button in the Wallet

b. Select the BRC-20 token you want to send

c. Input the amount

d. Press continue

e. Choose fee

f. Review and

g. Press "create transfer inscription"


h. Then wait for the transactions to be processed on the Bitcoin blockchain you will see the status of your transaction update like this:

  • Paying for transfer inscription...

  • Creating transfer inscription...

  • Receiving transfer inscription...

  • Ready to transfer

Part 2. Sending the transfer inscription

Once the new inscription is ready and available in your wallet in the collectables section proceed with this part of the process.

a. Hover over the new transfer inscription, note #1911086 (double check on an ordinals explorer when this was created, make sure it is a new one, not an old one).

b. Click send

c. Add receiving address

d. Choose fee

e. Review and confirm

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