Updating to Leather?

How do I update from Hiro Wallet to Leather?

The Stacks Wallet and later the Hiro Wallet have undergone a rebrand in 2023 to Leather. How you upgrade to Leather depends on the type of wallet you are using. The extension or the desktop wallet.

Extension wallet

The extension will get automatic updates when it is installed via the Chrome store. From wallet version 6.0.0 the extension is expected to prompt you with the Leather rebrand update and then you can accept or decline (and uninstall). With Accept the wallet should show the updated interface with Leather styling.

In the event, that your wallet did not update automatically you can reinstall the extension instead and then restore it with your Secret Key. Please make sure you have a backup of your Secret Key first.

Desktop wallet

The Desktop Wallet does not update automatically. You will have to download the latest version to update the current wallet manually.

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