How to recover the secret key with backup data?

How to recover the secret key with backup data?

How to recover the secret key with backup data?

This article is to be used under the following circumstances:

  1. You do not know your secret key (seed words)

  2. You know your password

  3. For some reason you are unable to unlock Leather with your password

Note: If you have uninstalled the wallet, your data has likely been deleted. However, you may still attempt this method, especially if you have a backup of your computer’s data.

This method will work if you no longer have access to your browser but still have access to the computer files.

In Windows, you should be able to find the location of the necessary files by going to this folder location:

C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\

In MacOS

Library>Application Support>Google>Chrome>Default>Local Extension Settings>

You’ll see folders with a string of letters like this. You’ll have to go through them to find the one used by your wallet.

To recover your secret key you’ll need your salt, encryptedSecretKey and your password the first two can be found in this file with the .log extension. Probably called 000003.log (although the number can be different too), check the content in a text editor and search for “salt and encryptedSecretKey ”. Example image:

After checking all those folders and verifying the .log file in the folder is still available and has the salt and encryptedSecretKey you know you can still decrypt this with your password to get the seed. Follow these steps:

  1. Keep the file with the salt and encryptedSecretKey available.

  2. Open Chrome/Brave/Opera (on another computer if necessary)

  3. Make sure Leather is installed (you do not have to be logged in, it is also okay if you are).

  4. You can disconnect from the internet if you want to take this additional safety precaution.

  5. Right click on the Leather extension icon in your browser and select “Open Leather in new tab”

  6. You will visit a page like this (doesn’t have to be exact): chrome-extension://ldinpeekobnhjjdofggfgjlcehhmanlj/index.html#/get-started

  7. Edit the url to end in debug.html chrome-extension://ldinpeekobnhjjdofggfgjlcehhmanlj/debug.html

  8. You will see a page with this form:

  1. Now copy the data from the .log file (step 1) into these fields, encryptedSecretKey and salt Note: copy the hexadecimal numbers only (numbers and letters 0-f, there should be no other characters in it)

  2. Then enter the password. This is the password you originally set up for the wallet of which you have found these backup details.

  3. Click Decrypt.

  4. The seed will be displayed, you can select the words and copy them.

  5. Store it safely.

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