Accessing account 2 and up from the wallet extension in Sparrow wallet

How to I access account 2 in the Wallet extension on Sparrow wallet?
To see addresses on other Accounts in Leather in Sparrow you will have to adjust the derivation path in settings. We use a different account index. Account 1 m/86'/0'/0' (taproot for account 1 in Leather) Account 2 m/86'/0'/1' (taproot for account 2...) Account 3 m/86'/0'/2' Account 1 m/84'/0'/0' (native segwit for account 1 in Leather) Account 2 m/84'/0'/1' (...account 2...)
Changing the derivation path in Sparrow wallet to see other funds in other accounts.
The gap limit will let you search across the address index for activity (the last number for an address), these regenerated addresses were used prior to March 20th: Account 1 m/86'/0'/0'/0/0 This is the derivation path of the default Taproot address on Leather. Regenerated addresses for account 1 would have derivation paths like this: m/86'/0'/0'/0/1, m/86'/0'/0'/0/2,... m/86'/0'/0'/0/100 etc.
Default taproot address.