Uninstall wallet

How to uninstall the wallet?

This page has two sections one for the wallet extension and one for the desktop wallet. Before uninstalling the wallet make sure you have a backup of your Secret Key (typically a 24 word mnemonic seed phrase). Without a backup of your seed phrase you will lose access to your funds forever.

Uninstalling the wallet extension

On chromium based browsers: Brave, Chrome, Edge and Opera.

  • Browse to the extension management page:

    1. brave://extensions/

    2. chrome://extensions/

    3. edge://extensions/

    4. opera://extensions

  • Then click the remove-button with the extension:

On Firefox

  • Browse to the extension management page by typing this in the address bar: about:addons

  • Then click the three-dot-menu and click remove:

Uninstalling the desktop wallet

  1. On Windows use the search bar to search for: wallet

  2. Then click uninstall, on the lower right.

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