Testing a dev builds of the Extension

How to download, unzip and install a developer version of the Wallet extension for testing?

Developer builds

Often when the wallet developers have finished building a new feature or bugfix they will create a new version of the Chrome extension so it can be tested before releasing it to the public.

Users are welcome to test these versions with us and in some cases it provides an opportunity to try new features and benefit from bug fixes before they are released.

Step by step to test a dev build

  1. Find the Pull request on github with the feature or fix: https://github.com/leather-wallet/extension/pulls for example 3577

  2. Unzip the extension build (currently needed twice).

  3. Go to extension management on Chrome: chrome://extensions.

  4. Select folder with the unzipped wallet extension.

  5. Then Restore the wallet with an existing Secret Key or make a new wallet for testing, this will depend on the functionality you aim to test.

  6. Test the new feature or fix and share your experience in the pull request topic on Github where this developer version of the wallet was shared.

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