Retrieving an Ordinal from the BTC balance address

How to retrieve an ordinal inscription from the BTC balance (native segwit) address?

Ordinal migration instructions for Leather using Sparrow wallet

⚠️ If you’ve deposited Ordinal inscriptions into the “wrong” Bitcoin address in Leather (shown as Bitcoin when you select “Receive” in the header of the home screen), you can use these instructions to migrate them to the “right” address for viewing and safekeeping in your wallet.

Steps to follow

  1. Install and open Sparrow wallet from

  1. Select “New wallet” from the “File” menu.

  1. Name your wallet.

  1. Set the "script type" to "native SegWit" at the top of the settings page.

  1. Select "New or Imported Software Wallet" from under "Keystores".

  1. Select “Use 24 words” and enter your Secret Key from Leather. ❗️IMPORTANT: You must use the exact same seed phrase / Secret Key as the one you use in Leather, or these instructions won’t work.

  1. Select “Create Keystore” then “Import Keystore”.

Note: m/84'/0'/0' assumes you want to access the BTC balance address on Account 1 in the Leather extension. If, for example, you want to access Account 269 in from Leather, change the derivation path to m/84'/0'/268'

  1. Select "Apply" in the bottom right corner.

  1. Select “No Password” or set password.

  1. Select UTXO's from the sidebar.

  1. One-by-one, right click on each UTXO listed in the table from within the "Output" column and select "Copy Transaction Output".

  1. Go to and paste the copied value into the search box to see if the inscription you want appears. If it doesn’t, continue copying the output value for the next UTXOs in the table until you’ve pasted one in which it does appear.

  1. Once you’ve found the UTXO with your inscription, right click on the row from within the “Output” column and select “Send Selected”. ❗️Warning: if you have more then one UTXO with an inscription make sure to send them one by one or they will be joined together in a single UTXO and unprocessable by most wallets and marketplaces before you unravel them.

  1. Back in Leather, select “Add now” under “Collectibles” then choose “Ordinal inscription” to copy deposit address for your inscription.

  1. Paste the address into the "Pay to" field in Sparrow and add any value for "Label".

  1. Select “Create Transaction” then “Finalize Transaction for Signing” then “Sign” then “Broadcast Transaction” sequentially.

  1. You’re done! Your inscription should show up in Leather under “Collectibles” once your transaction is confirmed, which may take 10-30 minutes. Refresh Leather if you see it confirmed in Sparrow but it hasn’t shown up yet.

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