BRC-20 guide to transfer via and Leather

Guide to Creating a Transfer Inscription with on your Leather

Please be aware, transferring BRC-20 differs from ERC-20 or SIP-10 tokens.

To complete a BRC-20 transfer, You must first initiate an inscription, generating a unique inscription ID.

We’ll illustrate this process using with Leather. In this example, Inscription ID = #1911086

  • IMPORTANT: This process regardless of the wallet being used you can also use the send button in Leather to create a transfer inscription within the wallet from wallet version 4.28.0 see here.

  • IMPORTANT: This is merely an example. You must inscribe your own transfer-inscription for each time you want to send BRC-20.

  • Do not reuse an old inscription.

Step 1. Inscribe a transfer to your Leather (ordinals) address with BRC-20 tokens using

a. Go to and select BRC-20

b. Select transfer

c. Add token ticker

d. Add amount and click Next

e. Add Leather address where you want the transfer inscription to go (Inscribe to the address with the BRC-20 tokens, check BRC-20 balance for an address on for example)

f. Select fee and proceed to Submit and pay the invoice.

g. After the payment is confirmed, will inscribe the transfer inscription your address.

h. Wait for both transactions to get processed by the Bitcoin network, then the new inscription will appear in your wallet.

Step 2. Once you have received the Transfer inscription, see the inscription number and send it to the BRC-20's destination address.

a. Hover over the new transfer inscription, note #1911086 (double check on an ordinals explorer when this was created, make sure it is a new one, not an old one).

b. Click send

c. Add receiving address

d. Choose fee

e. Review and confirm

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