What is Leather?

Leather is the only Bitcoin wallet you need to tap into the emerging Bitcoin economy


With Leather, users can manage BTC, Ordinals, Stamps, BRC-20 tokens, STX, Stacks NFTs, and other assets secured by Bitcoin with the most popular, battle-tested wallet for Bitcoin Web3.
Connect to hundreds of apps to interact and exchange with others across a growing ecosystem of Bitcoin-based communities, all within the convenience of your browser.
With Leather you can:
  • Send and receive BTC via Native SegWit and Taproot addresses
  • View and manage Bitcoin addresses and their activity across multiple accounts
  • Mint and trade Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens, Stamps and Stacks NFTs across top marketplaces
  • Connect to decentralized apps using unique Bitcoin Naming System (BNS) names
  • Manage STX and other Stacks blockchain based tokens
  • Execute smart contracts on the Stacks blockchain (to purchase and trade assets, participate in DAOs and more)
  • Participate in Stacking by locking your STX for the chance to earn BTC rewards
Leather is 100% open-source and audited by security professionals.